Sarayeth is better known as Sara Corrales within the audiovisual medium.

Since I was 13 years old I acted as an extra in various television series as a stunt double, on RCTV, Radio Caracas Televisión and in commercials with the production company of the casting director Beto Benites in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 2009 is an extra in the movie Son de la Calle "los parkour", directed by Julio César Bolívar. While she was studying graphic design, one of his subjects was photography... these were part of the tasks inspired by cinematography:

In 2012, she was again an extra in the film Er 'Relajo del Loro, directed by John Petrizzelli.

The same year she began working with Coromoto Zambano Catering, thanks to her contact she began to take her first steps in the professional field as Still Photography, her first work within the film ESPEJOS directed by César Manzano.

Part of his photographs:

2013 brought many learnings ... she works within the camera team as an apprentice and video assistant in the film Papita Maní Tostón, Luis Carlos Hueck's first film. It was a great empirical start...

The same year she works as an apprentice and video assistant in the film KM 72 directed by Samuel Henríquez. 

In this film she met Freddy Vásquez (Steadicam operator) who offered her great opportunities to do commercials as a camera assistant.

She is part of the technical team as a video assistant in the movie Amor cuesta Arriba directed by Nelson Núñez, also appears as an extra in a part of the trailer.

In this feature film she met great teachers such as DP Tonny Valera, cameraman Julio (moñoño) César Castro and focuser Nayan Perales, a perfect camera department and a great life experience.

Much of this year she works as a camera assistant for various commercials and shorts.

A beautiful experience was working on Luis Chataing's short film Por todos los medios, as a second camera assistant for steadicam:

Then Sara Corrales was a second camera assistant for a very special TV series: Barrio Sur, directed by Michaell Labarca. In this series we were able to appreciate the city from the most humble and real.

And she closed the year with the feature film Mar Afuera, directed by Billy Cass where she was again second camera assistant. 

It was filmed in Isla de Coche located on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

2015 begins with a documentary for Villa del Cine, La Impunidad.
In this project Sara Corrales worked again as a second camera assistant:

Throughout 2016 she made various commercials as a camera assistant in steadicam:

2017 recharges itself with great experiences, starting with the documentary on the poet José Antonio Ramos Sucre, a shoot directed by the Rodríguez brothers and produced by Villa del Cine. Sara was second camera and video assistant:

The last feature film made this year was Desafío Urbano, being really a challenge due to the problems that existed in the country.

In this feature film directed by Oscar Rivas, Sara's role is a camera assistant for the second unit:

For the second part of the film Papita 2da Base by Luis Carlos Hueck was an extra with the role of "Chica Pole" at a restaurant scene.

This same year we made the music videoclip for reggaeton J. BM directed by Gleubis Eskilache, Corrales worked as a second camera assistant. A very complex year for the country, between marches, protests, however art must continue.

Finally without knowing that it was going to be his last project in Venezuela... she worked for the commercial Natulac directed by Pepe Garrido, where she was also a second camera assistant.

Volunteer at festivals such as: Congo Films School "1ra Semana de Artes y Oficios del Cine" (Bogota - Colombia 2017), D'A Film Festival "Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Autor" and DOCS Festival International 2022, "25º Aniversario del Docs Barcelona" both in Barcelona.

This year (2022), she worked in the photo department in short films including two professionals, an advertising demo and also as an electrician, being the first feature film made in Barcelona, Emilio Martínez-Borso's debut feature "SinÉl".

Sara Corrales makes her first short film as a DOP: "LUTHIER TEARS", directed by Kay Oceans, which was chosen to be presented at the "4a Mostra Internacional d'Audiovisuals d'Artesania" on October 22 of this year, at the Design Museum of Barcelona.

2023, she graduated as a director of photography from ECIB, Escola de Cinema de Barcelona.

2023 Ongoing project... GÖKOTTA.
A short film closing his career at the school, with its director Kay Ocean. Coming soon...

"Mostrando el sentimiento del mundo audiovisual... esa comunicación fluida que rompe con los esquemas comunes y va más allá de lo tangible, lo moldeable, siendo flexible como el espacio y el tiempo. El cine me mantiene en constante presente, aprendizaje, sentir... soy parte de un engranaje que mediante la luz, el color, el movimiento y el sonido, construimos la procreación del arte y mientras tanto vivo apasionada de ese gran proceso."
Sara Corrales

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