I´ m Sara Corrales, I present to you a piece of my artistic, photographic and illustrative universe that I started at a very early age in Teatro Teresa Carreño courses, when I was 5 years old and in drawing workshops with renowned plastic artists at the GAN, Galería de Arte Nacional, 2006-2009 in Venezuela.

Since I was 13 years old I acted as an extra in various television series as a stunt double, on RCTV, Radio Caracas Televisión and general publicity.

I graduated from the IDC, Instituto de Diseño de Caracas en Venezuela, and received recognition for the best corporate manual in my thesis. In 2011, I had the title of Graphic Designer, being that same year when I ventured into the world of cinema. A year later, I worked professionally as a camera assistant, beginning my first cinematographic steps, where I was registered with the CNAC, Cinematografía Nacional de Venezuela, with registration number No. 4992, professionally as a camera assistant. The same year I joined the Rental Cinequipos by Marcos Diaz.

I traveled to Colombia in 2017, where I lived in Bogotá and was part of the staff: Congo Films School, in communications and general production.

2021, I have arrived in Spain to recover my passion, cinematography. The following year, I made my first short film as a director of photography "Luthier Tears" together with my director Kay Oceans, being selected in the Festival of the 4th Mostra Internacional d'Audiovisuals d'Artesania presented at the Museo del Diseño de Barcelona.

2023, I graduated from ECIB, Escola de Cinema de Barcelona, as a Director of Photography.

Today, with more than 10 years of experience in the graphic design sector, with clients from different parts of the world, I work freelance as a designer and independently, in the lighting team, as a camera operator and electrical technician in various audiovisual projects, especially: fiction, videoclips, publicity spots, documentaries, short films, fashion films, among others.



Cinematography direction of photography
ECIB - Escola de Cinema de Barcelona
Barcelona - Spain.

✔ University

Graphic designer
Instituto de Diseño de Caracas
Caracas - Venezuela.

Middel School
Bachelor humanities
U.E. Colegio Nuestra Señora de La Consolación
Caracas - Venezuela.

✔ Certificates
Color grading with Davinci Resolve 18
Blackmagic Design
Barcelona - Spain.

Video Editing and Color Correction in Davinci Resolve
Mexico - Mexico City.

Graphic Elements of Desing:
Color theory
University of Colorado - Coursera
Boulder - Colorado.


Dirección de Arte Publicitaria Masterclass  / Advertising Art Direction Masterclass
ONLINE Verónica Dichy by JEVA ORG
Madrid - Spain.

Taller Luz y Color / Light and Color Workshop
ONLINE D.o.P. Alexandra Henao by JEVA ORG
Caracas - Venezuela.

Autorretrato fotográfico artístico / Artistic photographic self-portrait
ONLINE by Cristina Otero - Domestika
Madrid - Spain.

Dirección de arte en movimiento / Art direction in motion
ONLINE by Flaminguettes - Domestika
Mexico - Mexico City.

Seminario taller interactivo Serigrafía textil / Interactive workshop seminar textile screen printing
Screen de Colombia
Bogota - Colombia.

Encuentro Fotográfico Masterclass / Photographic Meeting Masterclass
Revista Enfoque Visual - Cubo Colsubsidio
Bogota - Colombia.

Taller: Rodaje en inglés / Workshop: Shooting in English
Congo Films School
Bogota - Colombia.

2006 - 2009
Talleres de artes plásticas y dibujo I, II, II y IV / Visual arts and drawing workshops
Galería de Arte Nacional
Caracas - Venezuela.

VI Taller de Arte para niños / Art workshop for Kids
Teatro Teresa Carreño
Caracas - Venezuela.


         BORN TO CREATE . . .

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